Indian Canyon #09 (risograph, A3)

Indian Canyon #09 (risograph, A3)


Indian Canyon #09

Risograph print
(printed by Fidèle édition)
4 colors
Size : 29,7 x 42 cm (11.69 x 16,53 inches)
Munken Print White Paper 150gr

Each print is signed.
They're can be some stains or variations in the motif due to the printing technic.

Not framed
Printed in Paris

Clément Thoby © 2019

About Risograph :
The Risograph is a stencil duplicator : a cross between screen printing and photocopying. The Riso prints one color at a time in bright, vibrant colors.

Indian Canyon #09 (risograph, A3) Image 2 Indian Canyon #09 (risograph, A3) Image 3 Indian Canyon #09 (risograph, A3) Image 4
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